Software to embed information on images from Windows

The Anno Tater software program is primarily designed for users of Windows who love to download pictures or upload them in the Internet. It embeds annotations in pictures that are in .

bmp, . jpg, . gif formats. The Anno Tater is valuable because it gives you initial information on a picture before you open them. When you create picture files, they normally show up on your PC showing number that it is automatically tagged with and the format.

A specific picture file will show as 012345. jpg without any additional information regarding what it really is. When you use the Anno Tater, you can put a description on the image so you will know the important details that surround the image.

So every time you check on a picture on your PC, you'll have a good idea regarding what it is for and where you can possibly use the image. The Anno Tater tells you the content of a picture.



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